Saturday, March 22, 2014

Enchanted (Part 2)

If you're going to a theme park with unlimited rides for one day, what would you try? All the extremes or chill, peaceful somewhat boring rides?

YES, I'm biased about these kind of rides. I really love riding extremes! From free fall to speedy roller coaster rides. You name it! I would definitely try those heart stopping rides but not the dizzy maker rides. (Take note of that.) There is this one ride that I hated riding. But of course I was with my friends and when you're with your friends, then it's sure that they will make you ride what you hate because of purely one reason: THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

If you ever visit Enchanted Kingdom then I recommend the following rides:

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom! 
1. Flying Fiesta

With Flying Fiesta, you can literally feel like you're flying. Plus, it helps that you're seating on what seems like a kiddie seat. (Idk what it's called, been figuring out for days) Oh yeah! Flying Fiesta can be an effective ride if you want to get dry after riding Rio Grande. 

2. Disk o' Magic

Well, another ride to keep you dry! This ride was fairly new I guess. (Maybe a year?) It was my first time to ride it and it's WAY WAY WAY better than riding Anchor's away. 

3. Bump Cars
Time to test your driving skills! 

4. EKstreme
Freefall time! 
We can call it as the ride of anticipation. Why? Find out for yourself! :) 

5. Anchors Away
By far, the worst ride ever! Well maybe for me. My friends enjoyed this ride(I kinda hate them for this one haha) 

6. Rio Grande Rapid 

Get wet in this ride and have fun! 

7. Space Shuttle 
Photo grabbed from

Well, what do you say? This ride is the ultimate. Better don't miss it!

If one will think of it, I guess EK is really the theme park nearest to disneyland. So, this is the end of my Enchanted trip 2014. Time to face the finals! (Huhuhu. Please pray for me) 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Last weekend I had my Bio field trip. It was fun and a great way to distract me from the upcoming hell weeks (Yes, with s). We went to The Mind Museum and Enchanted Kingdom. Even though I went to these places already, what makes it different and a lot happier is the people that you are with. So, be sure to bring your friends, family, or relatives when you go for a trip! It would be really fun. Here's the part one of my trip: The Mind Museum.

The Mind Museum @ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Aedi, the talking robot
When you enter the museum, Aedi, the talking robot will welcome the visitors. She explained a few things about what we were going to see inside and then passed it on to the resident biologists. The resident biologists then would lead you inside and let you wonder on your own.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello March

YAY! Finally I'm back to blogging after months of being inactive, my decision of deleting my first blog, and creating a new one! It's really good. Soo, welcome to my blog! It's March already! Just a month before summer begins and it might be good to prepare your summer clothes. And just as March started, I decided to do something  crazy. I just earned a little bit of confidence today and go with this outfit even if I know that I'm not slim. I still believe that one can handle anything as long as she believes she can do it. So, back to the topic.